I have always been attracted to the allure and grandeur in the movies of Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. We decided to create a look inspired by Rani Padmavati AKA Rani Padmini based on who the movie ‘Padmavat’ has been made with Deepika Padukone bringing the charachter to life on the silver screen.
There is not a lot of evidence supporting the story of this Queen of Chittor making it difficult for us to know if it is fictional or not. Nevertheless, it is a legendary story of a beautiful Queen whose beauty led to her demise and the fall of her kingdom. The earliest literary source narrating the entire story is the ‘Padmavat’, a poem written in the Awadhi language by Sufi poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi in 1540. According to the poem, Rani Padmavati was from Sri Lanka. Raja Ratan Singh won her hand in marriage and brought her to Chittor. Alauddin Khalji, then the Sultan of Delhi, who got to know of her beauty from someone who got banished from Ratan Singh’s court, besieges Chittor to get to Rani Padmavati and have her for himself. The ensuing war between Rana Ratan Singh and Alauddin Khalji results in a pyrrhic victory for Khalji as he captures only an empty fortress as Rani Padmavati and all others have committed suicide by jauhar sati.
The beauty of Rani Padmavati has only been described in words. So, the interpretation of how she’d look differs from one person to another, as you can see how the queen has been portrayed in the movie, ‘Padmavat’. Our creation of the ‘Rani Padmavati’ look is based on our interpretation and imagination.
When it came to makeup, I stuck to a very natural and subtle look using only warm and earthly colors on the skin, eyes and lips. The model, Samyuktha, was perfect for me to recreate this with ease as she had a beautiful dusky skintone. The colors that I used predominantly were shades of brown, gold, bronze, etc. Apart from this I used black to line the eyes and red for sindhoor.
Creating this look would not have been possible without Swathi who was the designer (Studio159), Vaishali Jewellery, Samyuktha and Liok Studios who shared the vision and the interpretation along with me. We were inspired by the bold and beautiful woman that the legendary Rani Padmavati represented.

Products used:

Face: MAC Studio Fix Concealer, MAC Studio Fix Foundation, MAC loose powder, Highlighter from Bobbi Brown nectar palette

Eyeshadow: MAC Cosmetics in shade woodwinked

Lips: PAC Cosmetics Retro matte gloss