Review: Bubblefarm lip scrub – A Massive Yes!

Howdy people with winter looming it is obvious we all are looking for that one miracle product that would do wonders to our chappy and scorched lips. Afresh I have been visiting places and hardly find time for a rejuvenation process especially for my chafed lips. As a result of constant exposure to the sun and awful dehydration, the discoloration was immense and I desperately needed to fix my sumptuous pout, so I discovered about Bubblefarm merchandise and wanted to try their numerous product range.

Bubblefarm lip scrub jars are sheathed natural homemade wondrous, upon unwrapping you will be brimmed with the stimulating fruity aroma and the large sugar crystals. The blend contains splendid healing essential oils like rose oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil which are abundant in vitamin E and boosts the repairing of the blemished skin.


As per the stylish black labeled packing, it was counseled to use the product with coconut oil despite I desired to experiment it with butter since it acted as a marvelous moisturizing component. Considering the huge size of the crystals about 1/4 spoon of the product was ample. I began applying the coarse scrub in orbicular movement and massage for 5- 10 minutes, the granules remained intact and did not split or soften. I completed the routine by cleaning it off with cold water. I could witness the sugar acted favorably in exfoliating the rough patches and my lips turned out to be soft and supple. I was able to sense the changes from day 1 as I have been wearied of using many products, also one quality I loved about this product was its consistency and the results where long-lasting. I continued using it thrice a week before bathing as a part of my morning routine and the darkness in and around my lips faded evenly.

Flavors & Quantity:

A 200gms bottled Bubblefarm lips scrub retails at INR 200 and are available in Blueberry and Rose plus Cinnamon flavors. Anticipated shelf life is 6 months from the date of manufacturing. They also subscribe to personalize zest as per our demands, which is a big yes, imagine your own customized lip scrub, I wish we don’t end up eating it! Please do shop at Bubblefarm Lips scrub.


Bubblefarm lips scrub was not just an aromatic product but it actually worked on my lips. I would undeniably replenish the product for its perpetual results, it additionally comes with a great size which is totally worth the money!
So my evaluation is a positive 9/10.