The DOs to look your best this summer

As much as we all love the summers it has its set of disadvantages too. The scorching sun tends to take a big toll on our skin and especially our makeup. Here are some top tips for a sweat-proof summer makeup,

Beware of moisturisers

Unless you have really dry skin, it is better for you to stay away from creamy moisturisers. The oil content in such moisturisers significantly reduces the chances of your makeup staying for a longer time.

Invest in a good primer

Yes! Primer is the go-to product for summers as it plays a major role in keeping your makeup in place. Always remember to apply primer before applying foundation. It definitely helps your foundation last longer. The oriflame face primer is the one that I prefer.

Choose a long lasting foundation

The lasting power of foundation is very important, especially during the summers when you tend to sweat under the hot sun. Pick a foundation that is light on the skin but gives a good coverage at the same time.

Prep your eyes

I prefer using eyelid primers especially during this season. The eye primer from theBalm cosmetics and the Urban Decay eyelid primer are my favourites.

Waterproof eye makeup

Regardless of the weather or the season, I always dampen my eye shadow brush before using it. Do not forget to remove the excess water using a dry tissue paper after dampening the brush and then use it to apply your eye shadow.

Waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner are the ones to use as they last longer. I prefer using liquid liners during the summers. Also, try to avoid using kajal (kohl) unless it is absolutely necessary for the look.

Use a light hand with the highlighter

Do not use bronzy highlighters in any tone (gold, silver or bronze) as it will just add on unnecessary shine to your face.

All about the lips

Use a lip primer to increase the staying power of your lip colour, follow up with a face foundation and use a non-creamy lip liner to outline your lips so that your lipstick doesn’t bleed. Make sure everything is blended out well when applying more coats.

Patience pays

Wait for your makeup to settle well on your skin before you go out under the sun. You do not want to have your makeup melting on your face, trust me!

Blotting paper will be your best friend

Always carry blotting sheets with you, wherever you go, during the summer. Use a blotting paper to gently dab your face before the heat gets to your makeup. Do not rub your face with the blotting paper. Always remember to dab, dab and dab!

Touch up!

You can quickly touch up by dabbing your face to remove sweat followed by dabbing blotting powder (loose powder) using a powder brush with bristles that are tight and closely held together (MAC) and you will be good to go.

So these are the things that I follow to achieve the perfect long-lasting makeup look during the hot season. I hope you guys found this helpful. Enjoy the summer and stay beautiful!